Learn more about Sean's acclaimed work in creating a new approach to mental health and wellness at college campuses 

When Sean arrived at Syracuse University as a freshman in 2012, he saw a yearning among his classmates to "go deeper". His friends seemed to enjoy their classes and social lives, but he knew something was missing. That need for a greater sense of connection and belonging is universal, and Sean set out to create a space to fulfill it. 

In February 2013, he launched "Soulful Sit-Downs", a space for students to go every week and have conversations about themes like purpose, gratitude, and vulnerability. Conversations that really matter. 

After facilitating hundreds of discussions, Sean noticed a common theme among all the participants. They left feeling lighter, and even though the problems or difficulties they experienced didn't go away, they were able to develop a new perspective for life. 

During his senior year at Syracuse, Sean launched SOULscape, a weekend retreat and expansion of Soulful Sit-Downs that provides another space for students to explore themselves and others in a more in-depth environment. 

Syracuse University has invested heavily in Sean's initiatives following his graduation in 2015, including making Soulful Sit-Downs and SOULscape part of their foundation toward helping students improve their inner health and wellness. 

Nearly every student who has participated in this work has reported less anxiety, a stronger ability to cope with their stress, and a greater deal of connection with those who surround them.