"Think higher and feel deeper." 

When students asked the late Holocaust survivor and author Elie Wiesel what they should take away from his work, he always responded with those five words. 

I don't think there's any better way to live a life. 

By trade, I am a reporter who has worked at local television stations across the country. In 2018, I launched a segment on NBC2 in Southwest Florida called Story2Share, which ends our 6 p.m. newscast several nights a week. It’s a chance for me to shine a light on ordinary folks doing extraordinary things in my community.

My work goes beyond television news, though. I have facilitated conversations and weekend retreats for hundreds of students around topics like purpose, gratitude and vulnerability. 

So here's the goal: I want to be a carrier of light in a sometimes dark media landscape. My hope is to use television as a platform to illuminate the best in society. And, ultimately, I want to live a life that open people's minds and hearts. 

I strive to always "think higher and feel deeper", and through my words and actions, help others do the same.

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